Developing an effective online presence is essential for improving your business as it gives your business access to millions of local, national or international clients.. This E-commerce Business development Program will help you improve understanding of what E-commerce marketing included and how to go about applying a successful E-commerce marketing strategy. The Program will show you how to develop an online marketing plan, increase your business online, and improve your Website for higher customer conversion rates.

This e-Business Development Program  is designed to provide delegates with the skills required to develop and manage a thriving e-business or e-commerce section of a larger business. Developed by e-Business leaders, this e-Business development program will cover a range of topics and provide delegates will a solid foundational understanding.

The program features:                                                        

  • Industry expert Instructors
  • Standard Credibility
  • Skills Improvement Opportunities
  • 360° Career Flexibility

About the Program:

  • E-commerce Application Technologies
  • E-commerce Portal Management
  • Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Improve the communication, project management and IT Business skills to succeed in E-commerce environments

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